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Romantic zBox filled with 6 French ChocolatesCategory : GIFT

Romantic zBox filled with 6 French Chocolates

Price: USD48.99

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"Surprise your sweetheart with this hint of romantic novelty as the Romantic zBox 6 is a chic and refined black matte ballotin choice combining the gracefulness of texture and color coming into perfect harmony with the white heart-drizzle mosaic draping the box. Containing a delicious duo of heart-shaped chocolates and 4 of our most acclaimed recipes, your other-half will feel the love as they take a moment of indulgence to savor the Mystique, a bourbon vanilla caramel from Madagascar cloaked in a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate heart coating; the Supr?me, a Piedmont hazelnut pralin? dipped in a delicate milk chocolate heart couverture; our ever-famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy pralin? with sweet and salty caramel; chocolate number zero: a slow roasted hazelnut almond pralin?; chocolate number 1: a vanilla ganache infused with lavender and chocolate number 2: a delightful Italian gianduja pralin?. Customize the outside of the box by adding a remarkable diamond-engraved message- what easier way to say those 3 simple words..."

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