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zBox filled with 30 French ChocolatesCategory : GIFT

zBox filled with 30 French Chocolates

Price: USD48.99

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"As a final way of saying Happy Holidays and thank you, we are having this 2-day Double-the-Bliss offering. Our 30-pc zBox assortment is at the same price as our 15-pc for an effective 32% discount. You will receive twice as much chocolate for the same price. Perfect for last minute Christmas gifts and dinner guests! You can never have enough chocolates for Christmas. This special offering ends December 19th at midnight PST. The generous styling of this choclate box is a demonstration of refined elegance and makes this box a 'must-have': the harmonious blend of a subtle black finish and stunning mosaic gloss express the timeless sophistication of the black and white combination. Holding our 2 most popular traditional and exotic chocolate assortments, your recipient will relish upon our entire range of signature numbered collection - enough to take a chocolate connoisseur's breath away. The box may be customized with a 25-character diamond-engraving and the image of your choice."

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