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5 Mahogany Boxes filled with 4 French Chocolates in EachCategory : GIFT

5 Mahogany Boxes filled with 4 French Chocolates in Each

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"Elegant to the extreme with a sophisticated detailing in the warm toned mahogany, this set of 5?Opal gift boxes is a perfect attention to hand out for a small get-together or family dinner party. The suggested tantalising chocolate assortment includes our famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy pralin? with a sweet and salty caramel; a slow roasted hazelnut-almond pralin?; a vanilla ganache infused with lavender and a silky-smoothe Italian gianduja pralin?. The blend of these 4 savors will leave your recipients mesmerised with delight. You may change this suggested assortment with your recipient's favorites. Customize the inside of each lid and the outside of each box by adding a remarkable diamond-engraved message.?Each box in this pack comes nestled within a black natural woolen drawstring pouch with an exterior pocket embroidered with a Z to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet."

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