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Mahogany Box filled with 1 French ChocolatesCategory : GIFT

Mahogany Box filled with 1 French Chocolates

Price: USD48.99

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"A perfect present for a valued client or partner, we introduce our chocolate masterpiece, that of which World Champion Chocolatier,?Pascal Caffet,?multiplied epicurean bliss 35 times over to equal the sublime. Our indescribably delicious signature?Z chocolate has been enlarged 35-fold and reinterpreted to create this 3.4-inch tall, three quarter of a pound edible work of art. Adding to its sophistication and rarity, this magnificent chocolate is framed with a scarce (2008 vintage) 73% intensely dark couverture fashioned from Bolivian trinitario cocoa beans. The Z chocolate is served in an opulent and timelessly elegant polished mahogany box handmade in the Jura region of France. Customize the inside of the lid and the outside of the box by adding a remarkable diamond-engraved message. Conveniently enclosed inside the box is a sleek dessert knife, the perfect tool for sculpting personal sized morsels."

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