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Mahogany Box filled with 4 French ChocolatesCategory : GIFT

Mahogany Box filled with 4 French Chocolates

Price: USD48.99

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"Early Romans wore opals as symbols of hope and purity and as talismans of good luck. Give an elegant gift of good fortune with this lovely polished mahogany box - the exceptional quality of a sleek square shape combined to a beautiful laquered finish letting the rich-toned grain peer through will leave you breathless. This gift box, handcrafted in the Jura region of France, contains four of our favorite chocolates all handmade with the finest and purest of ingredients: our famous?Z chocolate, a combination of a crunchy pralin? with a sweet and salty caramel; a slow roasted hazelnut-almond pralin?; a vanilla ganache infused with lavender and an unforgettable Italian gianduja pralin?. You may change to a different assortment if the one suggested does not fit your recipient's palate. Customize the inside of the lid and the outside of the box by adding a remarkable diamond-engraved message."

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