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50 Basswood Boxes filled with 4 French Chocolates in EachCategory : GIFT

50 Basswood Boxes filled with 4 French Chocolates in Each

Price: USD48.99

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"Perfect for a business reception, or team-building event, our 50 Dawn pack is an ideal display of abundance and refinement that will naturally seduce as its wondrous blend of a sleek lid and elegant natural basswood hardware underline these exquisitely-made boxes. You may customize the lid of each box with a coporate logo or an image carving of your choice and a 25-character personal message. Surprise your recipients as they open into a succulent 4-chocolate selection including our ever-famous Z chocolate: a combination of a crunchy pralin? with sweet and salty caramel, chocolate number zero: a slow roasted hazelnut almond pralin?, chocolate number 1: a vanilla ganache infused with lavender and chocolate number 2: a delightful Italian gianduja pralin?. Enjoy the possibility of changing the suggested assortment to add an extra personal touch.?Each box in this pack comes nestled within a natural ecru-colored cotton drawstring pouch with an exterior pocket to hold your personal message card and chocolate booklet."

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